Community Health Around Torpoint

A local charity set up in 1991 to improve the health and wellbeing of the inhabitants of Torpoint and Rame.  Our Community Shop and Information and Resource Centre in Torpoint are our two biggest projects which in turn enable us to provide much needed local support through our health groups, such as  exercise, diabetic, stress/anxiety management and walking groups to name a few. We also run or support social groups to prevent isolation such as Bingo, Crafting and Crochet.

Mission Statement

CHAT is a grassroots charitable, voluntary, community organisation working in Torpoint and the Rame Peninsula, whose mission is to improve the health (in its widest sense) of its inhabitants, to inform, lobby and support social and personal needs of the population. Thus enabling the community to be self-motivating in producing local solutions to local problems.

Vision Statement

To continue to provide and extend the scope of CHAT and its projects throughout the Rame Peninsula.

Our Team
Sustainability Statement

Since the inception of the CHAT Community Shop in 1999 the concepts of REUSING, REPURPOSING and RECYCLING have been at the forefront of everything that CHAT embodies.

The shop sells reasonably priced household items for reuse; provides low cost donated school uniforms and donates good quality, donated books to local schools. Unsold household items are donated to other agencies  such as; Women’s Refuge and Homeless charities for reuse and repurposing.

Donated packaging and plastic bags are provided free to customers

All waste generated is disposed of via approved waste contractors and wherever possible waste is recycled by other agencies. In addition, CHAT acts as a receiving point for community partners for such items as: used postage stamps, crisp packets and reading glasses.

CHAT is committed to working towards a Torpoint Plastic Free Community Status in conjunction with Torpoint Town Council.

Our History

A look back on our early beginnings.  CHAT started with a public meeting in November 1991 held at the time in the newly opened Tamara day care centre with over 100 people attending.  The idea came about with three health professionals, namely Dr Kevin Mattholie, Sister Margaret Hall and Health Visitor, Kathy Gilbert, coming together with the same ethos that health is not just the responsibility of the professionals, but all of us. Not just pills and potions but self help and support.  Two of the first projects that were muted as being important was exercise for the elderly and a support group for Diabetics.  We are proud to say that these two initiatives are still thriving today!